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Pulse Pod System

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Limitless Pulse Pod System
Introducing the Pulse Pod System, an ultra portable collaboration from Limitless and Ply Rock Manufacturing.

Recently, the world has seen the introduction of a plethora of pod vaping systems designed to offer convenience, dependability, and extreme portability. Each of these designs has brought a unique twist to the basic concepts of compact size and simplicity in operation.

The Limitless Pulse Pod system was designed to provide all of the benefits of an ultra portable device, while still making allowances for personal expression and style. In usual Limitless fashion, a lot of thought was invested into the sleek and modern appearance of the Limitless Pulse vape.

Equally impressive is that the unique aesthetic features are so immediately apparent on a vape kit of such small stature. This is due in large part to the customizable color led backlight feature which allows the appearance of the Limitless Pulse Pod to be changed by switching to one of seven bright colors.

The Pulse pod vape features a rechargeable 380 mAh built-in battery and 2 ml refillable pods. The ability to refill the pods is one of the main feature that sets the Limitless Pulse pod system apart from its competitors, the Pulse pod is one of the first refillable pod vape systems. This system also allows for a great variation in flavor as you can fill the pods with any eliquid of your choice. The Pulse vape is breath activated, and features no screen or adjustment settings that require interaction; just vape and go. The Limitless Pulse vape’s portability, convenience, and style that breaks all limits!

The Limitless Pulse pod system is an ingenious and aesthetic mouth to lung vape and one of the most innovative pod systems on the market today. Experience the Pulse Pod System by Limitless and Ply Rock by adding this ultra portable vape to your cart today!

Limitless Pulse Pod System Kitincludes:
Limitless Pulse Pod System
(2) refillable Limitless Pulse pods
MicroUSB cable
Limitless Pulse Pod instruction manual
Limitless Pulse Pod vape specifications:
Built-in 380 mAh rechargeable battery
2 ml liquid capacity
On-board protection feature suite
Adjustable color led backlight

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