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iCare Solo

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Eleaf iCare Solo
The iCare Solo is the flagship miniature all-in-one from vape giants Eleaf. It’s designed to be as simple, reliable and compact as possible, delivering an ideal mouth-to-lung experience with each puff.

Where the Eleaf iCare Solo vape differs from cigalikes or vape pens is in its performance. It manages to kick out a whopping 15 watts, compared with the typical 5 to 10 watts from cigalikes. When paired with high-strength nicotine salts, the iCare Solo gives a cigarette-like satisfaction that’s almost perfectly realized.

This Eleaf vape is not designed to chuck clouds. Instead, pair it with some high-strength nicotine salts and you’ll get as close as possible to a cigarette experience from a vape device.

The iCare Solo is not just for beginners, though! The iCare Solo’s performance is deeply satisfying, especially when paired with nicotine salts (which can be vaped at higher strength). Many vapers carry an iCare Solo or similar either as a backup, a stealth device or as a primary vape.

The iCare is super simple to use. The charger port is located on the side and a fully charged battery will give you around 75 deeply satisfying puffs. If you want to use the Eleaf iCare solo as a primary vape, you might choose to carry a couple with you so you’re always charged and ready to go.

The Eleaf iCare Solo’s small form factor means carrying a couple isn’t going to create pocket real-estate issues – this thing is tiny! A smoker wouldn’t be troubled swapping a twenty pack for five iCare Solos. The Eleaf iCare Solo is also a stylish device, available in red, black, green, white, and gold. At with a low price point, regardless of what your needs are, you can’t go wrong picking up the Eleaf iCare Solo kit today.

Eleaf iCare Solo kit includes:
Eleaf iCare Solo
2 x Eleaf iCare 1.1ohm Heads
1 x USB Cable
1 x Eleaf iCare Solo User Manual

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